Price Match Policy

We understand that as an online shopper you are always seeking the best prices. Updated weekly, you'll find a forward thinking assortment of goods which includes original gifts plus beauty accessories. Select from hundreds of goods and gifts priced from $2 to $300.

In case you are not satisfied with your purchase price, we offer a price match.We will refund the difference between our price and the competitor's in-stock non-sale price.

Eligibility criteria

1. If you find the exact product (colour and size) sold cheaper elsewhere (Australian dollars GST inclusive).

2. This exact product is sold either through an Australian retailer located online or offline with a current GST registered ABN.

3. This does not apply to exact products that are sold through auctions or overstock or trading or wholesale businesses.

4. Must email within 14 days from purchase to be eligible.

5. The competitor's advertised in-stock non-sale price must be in stock, not discounted in anyway and not on sale.

6. No reasonable grounds to suspect foul play.

Steps if unsatisfied

Step 1. Please forward one of the three following emails you have received with a subject title of "Price Match Refund" if your purchase satisfies all criteria, referring to the eligibility criteria:

Option 1. Email confirming your order details that includes billing, payment, shipping and tax information from Prinkbox.

Option 2. Email confirming your tax invoice details that includes billing, payment, tax information from Prinkbox.

Step 2. Upon receiving your forwarded email from Step 1, we may ask you for appropriate and sufficient evidence to support. We reserve the right to reasonably refuse a partial refund if the evidence is not appropriate and sufficient.

Step 3. Once Step 2 has been assessed, we will refund the difference between our price and the competitor’s advertised in-stock non-sale price amount by sending you a store credit coupon valid for 1 year.

Step 4. A week after Step 3 has been completed, our team will followup to ensure your satisfaction with our exchange or return service. We commit to an honesty policy, you can be rest assured that our management team regularly reviews all feedback provided.