Howlpot Red Dot Design Awarded Howly Small Blue Crush


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‘HOWLY’ is an easy house that provides the maximum comfort and stability for your companion animal. It was created with a removable steel frame that securely maintains the structure of the house. The steel frame can be removed for easy storing as well. The fabric of the inside cushion has been finished with waterproof material so it is safe from a considerable amount of ‘accident’ of your companion animal.
Handmade in: Belgium

Fabric Materials: 54% Polyester and 46% Cotton

Measurements: (40 x 63 x 50 cm product only) / (70 x 53 x 10 cm packaging)

Weight: (5.7kg gross including packaging) / (3.2kg net product only)

Additional Information

For Her, Him, Animals
Occasion Birthday, House Warming, Xmas
Badge No